New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination

Vaccines are being under investigation for the possible side effects they can cause. In order to supply new information, an electron-microscopy investigation method was applied to the study of vaccines, aimed at verifying the presence of solid contaminants by means of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with an X-ray microprobe. The results of this new investigation show the presence of micro- and nanosized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccines’ samples which is not declared among the components and whose unduly presence is, for the time being, inexplicable. A considerable part of those particulate contaminants have already been verified in other matrices and reported in literature as non biodegradable and non biocompatible. The evidence collected is suggestive of some hypotheses correlated to diseases that are mentioned and briefly discussed.
Keywords: Vaccine; Disease; Contamination; Protein corona; Biocompatibility; Toxicity; Nanoparticle; Immunogenicity; Foreign body; Environment; Industrial process; Quality control

Volume 4 Issue 1 – 2017
1National Council of Research of Italy, Institute for the Science and Technology of Ceramics, Italy
2International Clean Water Institute, USA
3Nanodiagnostics srl, Italy
*Corresponding author: Dr. Antonietta Gatti, National Council of Research of Italy, c/o Nanodiagnostics
Via E. Fermi, 1/L, 41057 San Vito (MO), Italy, Tel: 059798778; Email:
Received: November 30, 2016 | Published: January 23, 2017